I Will Never Stop Learning

learning is always believed to be a lifelong process and it has no age limit. If you have the will, If you are curious, then no matter what age you are you can learn anything you can explore new avenues anytime. Today I took my very first swimming lesson! Yes right, I am learning to swim now. Last year around this time a thought popped up out of nothing “Let’s learn Swimming” and that thought was so strong that it never faded. I tried to find a good swimming center but due to the whole covid situation, all pool was closed at that time, and since then I was waiting for this summer so enthusiastically. Today was my first day and it felt so amazing. The instructor taught me how to hold a breath and float on the water, and how to release air under the water through the nose. Just a basic technique. I am so excited that finally this is happening now and looking forward to a day when I will swim like a turtle in the sea. My eyes are red and feel burning a little while I am writing this right now, and it is just because of one mistake that I forgot the buy swimming goggles. Going to buy one right now. it is so necessary for a beginner like me. But, I am so happy that I am learning something new, and truly speaking I want to keep learning new things for as long as possible for me. I think learning and evolving with new skills and information is the central idea of living a great life.

Keep Learning Keep Growing. Have a wonderful life.


10 thoughts on “I Will Never Stop Learning

  1. We learn something new every day – sometimes more than one thing!

    Well don’t on intentionally getting out there and learning something new, a skill that can help in many situations. That’s awesome! 😊

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