I Will Never Stop Learning

learning is always believed to be a lifelong process and it has no age limit. If you have the will, If you are curious, then no matter what age you are you can learn anything you can explore new avenues anytime. Today I took my very first swimming lesson! Yes right, I am learning to swim now. Last year around this time a thought popped up out of nothing “Let’s learn Swimming” and that thought was so strong that it never faded. I tried to find a good swimming center but due to the whole covid situation, all pool was closed at that time, and since then I was waiting for this summer so enthusiastically. Today was my first day and it felt so amazing. The instructor taught me how to hold a breath and float on the water, and how to release air under the water through the nose. Just a basic technique. I am so excited that finally this is happening now and looking forward to a day when I will swim like a turtle in the sea. My eyes are red and feel burning a little while I am writing this right now, and it is just because of one mistake that I forgot the buy swimming goggles. Going to buy one right now. it is so necessary for a beginner like me. But, I am so happy that I am learning something new, and truly speaking I want to keep learning new things for as long as possible for me. I think learning and evolving with new skills and information is the central idea of living a great life.

Keep Learning Keep Growing. Have a wonderful life.

Sunday Brunch – Me Time

Happy Sunday to all of you!!!
Sundays are always amazing and most awaited day of the week. Isn’t it? Some like to rest whole day. Some like to spend time with family. But I like to roam around the city and try food in different-different cafes and restaurants. A little delicious treat to my self is what I love Sunday for.

Tasteful cheese patty & Cold coffee

A trip that changed my mindset about traveling!

My recent weekend trip to village Shangarh, located in the Sainj Valley in the beautiful Himachal, has changed my perspective on travel. The trip was filled with magical peaceful vibes and stunning views of mountains and green valleys. We spent 3 wonderful days in the lap of nature. But, this trip was a whole different experience for me that changed my mindset about traveling and exploring new places. This short trip was not just full of nature’s surprises but some great information too. I met a young YouTuber and travel vlogger Pamela Mukherjee on this trip and she shared some very valuable knowledge about all the places we visited. She shared some information about some rituals and beliefs of the people living there. Traveling with understanding the place and people and their values was a whole different experience than traveling just to relax and see the different places and their beauty. Adding up some context and knowledge about the places we visited, made this trip far more better than any of my previous trips. All thanks goes to Pamela Mukherjee. Sharing her youtube channel link below please do subscribe, full vlog of this trip will be out soon.


Traveling and exploring is not just about seeing the places but it is also about collecting information about those places.

Also, I am working on writing the whole travel story and things I learned about the places we have been to. Please stay with me, will post the story really soon.

In the meantime, If you haven’t yet read my previous travel story please do read. (JIBHI – An Unforgettable Experience

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Shangarh Meadow

Exciting about another solo trip!!!

It is summer time, so why not take some time out to explore the amazing gems of the Himalayan mountains. I am all set and ready for a weekend trip to beautiful Himachal. This time I am going to a place named Shangarh located in Sainj valley, Kullu district, Himachal. This is my second solo trip with the same travel company I went to Jibhi-Tirthan Valley last Christmas Go4Expore. I enjoyed the last trip more than I expected so this time my expectation is already high and I have no doubt that this time it will be more fun.

If you haven’t yet read about my last trip here am sharing the link below. I bet you will enjoy the reading for sure.

All excited!!!

Will share my travel story once I will be back.

Let’s Be Hopeful

Let’s have hope that things are better ahead. That everything will be alright. Let’s have hope that there is a rainbow always above our heads. That the tough time is about to pass. Let’s have hope that we are strong to stand against any challenge in life and we can conquer the sea by ripping the waves. Let’s have hope that tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start and the pain that we are suffering with will be vaporized with the very first ray of the sun. Let’s have hope that we will achieve our dreams for sure. Let’s have hope and stick to it and carry it along with us every day because at last, it will be the only thing that will help us to see the light in the dark, that will help us to stay for a little more longer when we feel like giving up. Let’s have hope and be hopeful.

la Vida Es Bella!!!

Life is beautiful for those who know how to live. Who appreciates every small gesture of the universe and every tiny detail of this world. Who allow themselves to stay open to see the beauty of the world outside and the world inside them. Who let their heart feel every single emotion and let it be familiar with every single feeling. Who absorbs all the love they receive and drives away hatred from their hearts. Who smile wide and laugh aloud when they are happy and cry all tears out when sad. Who do not keep their emotions inside themselves but shed them all without any shame. Who remember that they are not yet dead, and live like the one who still breathes. They know how to behave like a living human being instead of living as dead by strangling their emotions, their feelings, their dreams, and their lives. Who knows that life is meant to be lived, life is beautiful for them.

Once you learn to admire the beautiful gift of life, life will start admiring you back and you will be able to see how beautiful this life is.

la Vida es Bella!!!

A few minutes with my childhood

After I don’t know how many decades I lived a few minutes with my childhood today.

I used to watch stars for hours when I was a child. Whenever there was a power cut during the summer nights, I used to go to my terrace and lie on the folding bed and stare at the stars for a long time, and sometimes I fell asleep while watching them. Many times I would get to see shooting stars and on seeing them I used to make wishes. It was such an innocent time and undoubtedly the best too.

I am again on my terrace today watching the same stars but this time I rarely can see them. Only a few of them are twinkling today. The polluted air and the city lights made them fade and almost disappeared. It is hard to see those stars now but the feel is same as I am still a child and awaiting for the shooting star to make one more wish, a wish to go back in my childhood for just a day.

I wish I could take a picture of the sky but it was just a black image in the camera. But you’ve all been through this age and feelings so you can probably imagine what it looks and feels like.

A little note to yourself

We get disappointed very easily if don’t see any single person standing by us, who believe in us. But you know what is the biggest disappointment? The biggest disappointment is when even we don’t stand by ourselves, when even we don’t believe in ourselves.
Don’t wait for others my friend, it is you who can make anything possible for yourself.
Start believing in yourself. You can do it.🙂👍🏻

Blessed are the weird people…

I loved this post by Muriel!!! Take a read

View from Over the Hill


My San Francisco kids visited at Xmas. It turned out to be a White one and Rafi, Chandra, and grandson Remy loved walking in the snow. (It doesn’t snow in S. F.) On one of their many excursions, they passed a sign in my neighbour John’s window. Rafi, of course, had to take a photo of it.

John is one of those special, interesting and multi-talented individuals who is interested in everything and everyone. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to know him, but what I like best about John is his kindness to others — including me.

I first saw John acting onstage when I was writing a column covering the arts. Aside from that his photography is so beautiful, if I had any more room on my walls, I’d try to purchase one from him if he’d sell it. What else…

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Comparing with others gave me nothing but misery and put me in a state where I start to doubt my capabilities and strength. I start to destroy my confidence and that means I was not just destroying the confidence but my life too. I feel small in front of a more capable, more confident, more successful society always ready to scar with their razer-sharped words coming directly from their contaminated thoughts.

I can tell now that there was a time when I couldn’t speak a single word in front of people. I was unable to make conversation with anyone. I always saw other people superior to me in terms of knowledge, confidence, appearance, status, money, looks, etc and etc. My mindset was different. I was an under-height skinny boy in my younger age. Shy, away from the crowd, hardly matched thoughts with others. It has been really hard for me to find a like-minded person and to make friends. I never know what people were thinking but in my mind, it always sounds like they don’t like me around them. I was not a fish of their pond. This all made me feel leftover most often. I always see others and think I wish I would have more friends to hang around like them. I wish I would have a better body and look. I always felt depressed when I start comparing things I have with things others have. When I compare how different I am from others. Always depressing when I compare myself with any others. Every human being or every creature on the earth has different abilities, talents, and capabilities, has different interests and inclinations, has different lives, perspectives, and circumstances. By understanding this, I was able to understand that it is a fool’s work to compare himself with someone other who is thoroughly different in every aspect. It changed my life now. When I understood this I stopped doing comparisons with any others and pushed myself to come out of my comfort zone and at least try to face my all fears. I changed myself because I knew I have space to improve myself. I start to compare myself with my past-self only. I have made progress in everything, knowledge, speaking with strangers, making conversation in groups, blending in with my surroundings, appreciating myself as I am, and working to become better. Instead of being depressed now, I feel proud when I see all those changes in my life. Selfcomparing gives a new perspective and a vision to see real changes, real achievements.

So I guess now that the only way to compare myself is that, I compare myself with only me. The one Me in the past. I should ask questions to myself that how much improvement I have made within myself in all those years of my life? What I have achieved till the date today? Have I become or at least near to become or working to become what I have planned 5 years ago? Am I a better person than I was before? Those are the real questions I am going to ask myself to compare where I have reached so far, to find my achievement in my own life and if there is someplace where I haven’t improved or gotten worse I would know what mistakes I have done and what I need to be done to get better in those areas as well. This new perception has given me new eyes to look at myself and see all the improvements. How better I have become. How confident I am now. How successful I am now.

“The best way to compare is by comparing yourself with yourself. Selfcomparing is the only way to see the progress in you”

Tamanjeet Singh