The art of habit building

Habits are the building blocks of success. They form the foundation for our long-term goals and help us to stay focused on what matters. But forming good habits can be a difficult task, and it takes dedication and effort to keep them stick.

Today, we will discuss the art of habit building, how to build good habits that will last, and how to keep them stick. We will also explore some helpful tips that can help you create a successful habit-building strategy and become more productive in life.

Set Realistic Goals:

It’s important to set realistic goals for yourself so you can make steady progress without burning out or becoming overwhelmed. The beginning is always a tough job so make sure to start with one step at a time, and set your short-term goal that can be achieved easily. There’s no use trying to become the world champion overnight. As time passes, add more challenging targets and set goals that take you, even more, closer to your final destination. Keep things manageable and build up slowly over time until tackling bigger goals becomes second nature rather than an overwhelming source of pressure on yourself (we all know how much of that already exists!).

Be Flexible with Your Approach:

Not every habit starts the same way; sometimes it takes experimenting before we find what works best for us. If one approach doesn’t seem too promising after a while, think outside the box and try something new – maybe stand instead of sit when meditating. Maybe try different hours of the day. Maybe do exercise in the evening if morning is not working best for you. Just remember that patience is key to creating better routines; never give up after feeling stuck just once!

Develop New Perspectives & Strategies:

Habits require repetition – according to some research, it is said that it takes usually about 50-60 days until they finally stick. To help keep things interesting during those long days ahead, consider developing different perspectives toward your routines. Reflect regularly and ask questions like ‘How could I improve my current process?’ Or ‘What are some tips or advice online resources provide?’. This should help expand upon strategies used in your daily life, thus keeping even mundane activities fresh! Sometimes, joining forces with friends who have similar interests could add more enjoyment to creating good habits together and keep you motivated.

Surround Yourself With Supportive People:

Being around positive people increases chances of having meaningful connections which motivates us further down our respective paths, whether hobby-wise or career-related. By surrounding ourselves with supportive individuals who share similar aspirations, we often gain essential tools necessary for teaching any brand new behavior patterns required along an unfamiliar journey!

Reward Your Successes!:

Celebrate every win no matter how small they come. Every single step forward taken propels further effort/action required & reinstates hope emotions. Once enthusiasm begins reigning supreme, no challenge looks impossible not manner size nor difficulty level set by their appearance alone!! So celebrate your immensely fantastic feats accomplished whether it is a huge success or just a tiny minor advance…Yay(!)

Making sustainable habit changes isn’t always easy but thankfully it’s totally doable. Just make sure to start slow with one step at a time, and keep it continue for long enough until it becomes your lifestyle. In that long time from the beginning to finally make it your hobby that lasts, don’t forget to keep yourself motivated every day because if you break the routine you have to start from scratch.


Cat shoot – My paid model

I found this cat the other day sitting very comfortably on my terrace. When I moved toward her, she didn’t get scared at all and let me come very close to her. And then I thought to click some pictures of her if she doesn’t mind at all, as she was very calm at that moment. So I took my phone out and start to click some pictures and with the sound of every click she became curious and came even closer. That is how I captured this beautiful shot of the cat. After the shoot, I gave her a piece of egg omelet and she really enjoyed her reward.

Tell me which one is your favorite.

What happens in life after checkmate?

Life is full of possibilities and anything can happen here. Like a game of chess where some things are under your control but others are not. Sometimes you move ahead as per your plan but sometimes the opponents force you to move in a different way. Sometimes you have many paths to go and sometimes you have no other way to go. Like checkmate.

But do you know what happens after the checkmate? end of the game? No, the beginning of a new game. You collect all the peace together and start it all over again, and this time you play smart by being strong with the lessons you just learned from the game.

Cheers to all adventure seekers🥂

The adventure begins with curiosity about what it would feel like to be there. The adventure begins when you step outside your comfort zone. The adventure begins when you lose yourself in unfamiliar paths and unexpected situations in order to get back a better version of yourself.

Cheers to all adventure seekers who courageously take that extra step and find themselves in a better world.🥂

Vacation for Free!!!

So I just went to Goa on my birthday week and spend 4 days and 3 nights stay at Grand Hyatt Goa and had so much adventure at a beach and a visit to a famous Doodhsagar waterfall, and enjoyed various water activities and had too much fun at theme parties all three nights with all food and drinks, music and performances. And the big thing is that all of this was just for free.🤩 Is there any other better way to celebrate your birthday!!!? How lucky I am !!!😍🧡 Free vacations are always a dream and when this dream comes true the level of your happiness has no limit, and for me, this free vacation was beyond my imagination so you can guess the level of my happiness and excitement.🕺🏿

So here is how this happened. My childhood friend Sameet Singh was awarded the highest award of his company for his best work, and their company held the award function at Grand Hyatt in Goa. All the winners were allowed to bring one guest with them and the whole trip expense of the winner and the guest was taken care of by the company only. The airfare, stay at a 5-star hotel, food, drinks, indoor parties, outdoor activities, everything was on them. So here I am, I went as a guest with my friend Sanmeet Singh to celebrate the winning that he truly deserves. So I think firstly I should say thanks to my friend for a free trip (LOL😜) and then congratulate him on winning the president club award for his dedication and hard work. He truly deserves it.

Big Congratulation to Sanmeet Singh

The company has provided all the winners and their guests a vacation of 4 days and 3 nights where they have organized beautiful events for all 3 nights that have a live singing show, a band show, and some folk dances from different cities and cultures of India, DJ night and of course an award ceremony and so much more. For the daytime, they have arranged some really fun outdoor activities that include a city tour and shopping, a heritage walk, a water sports adventure at the beach, a visit to the famous Doodhsagar waterfall, and more. They have arranged and organized everything so neatly and manageably that I don’t feel like anything missing or goes messy, and for that, I really appreciate the hard work of the whole management of this event.

We really enjoyed our time in Goa and absorbed the whole tropical vibes. We went for a Banana ride, a Jet ski ride, and some others and had a great time at the beach. We went to one of the biggest waterfalls and had fun in the water. Explored some shops in the market and bought some souvenirs. The parties in the evenings were so crazy. We sang along with the band and singers and danced so much. On our second last day of the trip, we met new friends Priyanka, Richa, and Varun and the fun multiplied manifold with them. They all were so fun-loving people, I wish we had met a little earlier. They really lift the fun.

Here are some great moments from this memorable vacation. For more fun moments please check my Instagram page here and watch this GOa highlight video here. I hope you will like it and enjoy them all.

Exploring Places or Exploring myself..🤔?

I travel to explore new places but I had no idea that I was not only exploring places but also exploring myself. So recently I have got to know something about myself. I always say that I am a mountain person and I only love mountains to travel to but this was only true until I let myself explore different places like a forest Jim Corbett National Park and then Goa which is mainly famous for its beaches. Both places were totally different from each other. After experiencing these different places and exploring the beauty of these other forms of nature I realize that it’s not the mountains that I love, no I mean I definitely love mountains but on top of that what I love is nature. Yes, a natural beauty that no mankind ever can create. It is a beautiful mysterious mighty nature that I admire. It doesn’t matter if it is the tallest mountain or dense forest or wide beaches or endless ocean or anything else, as long as it is built with the grace and extreme love of pure nature, I am going to love it all wholeheartedly for sure. So now onward I am not going to say that I am a mountain person instead I am going to say that I am a Nature person.

Feeling so grateful to be able to experience all of this and hope to stay on a path to explore more. Cheers to life!!!

A Visit To The Forest

Nature is the most beautiful thing we have. While living in busy cities I had never imagined how powerful, huge, and beautiful nature can be until I recently went to the beautiful forest in Uttarakhand, India. Corbett National Park was named after James Edward Corbett, more popularly remembered as Jim Corbett. Jim Corbett was a great tracker and hunter who had hunted many man-eater tigers and leopards.

Corbett National Park is well known for its wildlife and sightseeing of wild animals including Tigers, Leopards, Jackels, Elephants, Barking Deer, Sloth Bears, etc. It is also home to 600 + species of residents and migrating birds, which makes this place perfect for bird watching and bird photography.

My experience in Corbett national park was a new change to my interest. During the jungle safari, our guide Shazad gave all the information about the jungle and animal behavior and wildlife and it created a whole new interest to know more about the life in jungle. I felt very small while getting to know the jungle, especially when I saw a female tigress about 20-25 meters away from us. She just appeared for a second and quickly disappeared into the bushes and unfortunately, we couldn’t take a picture but still, I have a mental image of that tiger. She looked so healthy and big that I already felt a strange heaviness on my chest. I am planning to visit again somewhere around mid of this year and this time I am gonna spend at least 2 days inside the forest to experience wildlife from very close.

Here I am sharing some pictures I took during the safari. I hope you will enjoy them.

My experience of the Laka Glacier Trek

The best trekking experience I have yet is the trek to the Laka Glacier. I have been to Mcleodganj twice in past but was unable to go to Triund due to snow. Triund is a very famous hilltop among trekkers. The trek starts from beautiful McLeodganj. The total distance of the trek is approximately 7 km which goes through steep rocky and stairy trails. The Triund top is at the foot of the Dhauladhar ranges and is at a height of 2850 meters.

This time when I was planning, I heard for the first time about Snowline and Laka Glacier which is furthermore above Triund so I made up my mind to go beyond Triund.

Laka Glacier is another 5 to 6km of a trek from the Triund top and the trail to Laka is so adventurous. It passes by Snowline and goes through very steep rocky paths, some plain mountain edges covered in snow, and small ascends and descends when crossing mountains. Laka Glacier is at a height of 3231 meters. This trek goes above the Laka glacier to the Lahesh cave and then to Indrahar pass and further to the Moon peak.

A quiet evening

This was captured at Laka Glacier. We were the only 7 people there that night including our guide and caretaker. It was so quiet and felt amazing to be far far away from the regular busy life of cities.

Tibetan prayer flags

I have seen this Tibetan flag so many times before but never gave a thought about them that why they are hanging everywhere in mountain areas, especially in Himachal. So this time I found out the meaning of these flags.

These are the prayers flag with a Mantra written on them ‘Om Mani Padme Hun’. The prayer flags are meant to encourage compassion, peace, strength, and wisdom. Prayer flags are hung outside with the strong belief that the wind can carry the prayers to the world for the benefit of all sentient beings.

To know more about these Flags and Mantra please check my Instagram reel here:

Sunset on the horizon

The one thing we all get excited about in mountains is watching the sunset. This was captured from the top of Triund hill. It was the first time when I witnessed the sun disappear over the horizon, else all the other times I have seen the sun going down behind some buildings or mountains or any other objects.

A little more closer

It felt so exciting to know that we are so close to reaching the Laka Glacier. The moon peak that we saw from Mcleodganj market was just in front of us now.

Moon Peak

Moon Peak is one of three peaks of the Dhauladhar ranges that can be clearly seen from the Triund top. And it is the only peak that can be seen from the Mcleodganj market too. It is located at an altitude of 15200 ft. This 45 km long trek to Moon Peak starts from McLeodganj and passes through rocky ascends and steep traverses. The trek also passes through Triund, Ilaqa Got (Laka Glacier), Lahesh Caves, and Indrahar Pass.

A moment with mighty mountains

A feeling of accomplishment is a paid-off to your hard work. No matter how long and tiring your path was, reaching the destination vanishes all the pain. The first thing I did when we reached the top was admiring the beauty around me. The huge mountains, deep valleys, freshening air, and wider sky.

A wild night

It was 2 or 2:30 am when I woke up inside my camp shivering from the cold and found that I was not covered well with the blanket. I was fixing my blanket and then I heard the sound of some heavy footsteps beside my camp on my left side and like someone touched the camp also (I am not sure if it was the wind that made the tent sound like someone touching or someone really touched it) and also a local shepherd dog came along with us on the top was barking continuously from the distance on my right. I had some weird feelings and wanted to know what is outside but I had no guts to peek out so keep laying inside and fell asleep later. Then in the morning, a girl from another camp mentioned the same that she too heard the footsteps around the same time at night. And then we later found the footprint of a black bear near our camps. That was the bear who crossed us at night.

Group picture

A moderate trek with some wild adventure was perfectly made for me. But, above all of these, the company matters, and I got the best travel buddies on this adventure and a very passionate guide who makes sure of our comfort and needs.
I am on the first from the Left. Then Ankit with Aastha. Nischal (guide) is in the mid wearing a cap. Manjot with a snowball in his hand. Then Parvati and Shiv.

A trip highlights

Thanks to technology we can keep the memories with us for as long as possible and go back in time through pictures and videos. Here is the short highlight video of the trip. Must Watch and Enjoy!

Picture perfect frames

A photo dump to refresh the memory that how beautiful that place was.

Sad faces wrapped up in luxury cars?

Does money really buy happiness? Do reach people are happy? Maybe yes or maybe no. It’s one of the most challenging questions to answer because it varies so much from person to person and depends on each individual’s perspective of what happiness means to them.

A lot of people may think that having a lot of money is all fun and games, but this isn’t true. With great wealth comes great responsibility, which leads to tons of pressure. For example, wealthy families with children might have to deal with high expectations or constant rumors about their personal lives. In addition, they have to be aware of how they are representing themselves in public because they are an important role model for other less fortunate individuals. In order to maintain their image, it’s common for these people to spend extravagantly on lavish items or expensive clothing so that everyone can see how much money they really have. The public would never know what goes on behind closed doors unless it is leaked by someone close who has access. More often than not, pressure takes its toll; eventually, people will find ways to release tension. Some take extreme measures such as buying extravagant cars, houses, jewelry, or drugs while others turn to self-harm or alcohol abuse. It’s important to remember that the life of a rich person is not always easy, especially when you consider all the weight on their shoulders at one time. Can richness buy happiness? No, it can’t. Money can help us feel good for a little bit but it doesn’t last forever. Money is just a tool that we can use to help us achieve our goals in life. Happiness can only come from within yourself and being content with your life as it is today. Sometimes we’re surrounded by lots of success and things we want, but we still feel empty inside. We can’t measure our worth based on materialistic things like money or possessions – we need to focus on what truly matters.

Everyone is curious about the cost of happiness. But what I think is that there are many other ways to make yourself happy without taking out a loan. Like volunteering, and helping other who is in need. Many things are more important in life than money. The family, Your beloved, Your health, your mental piece, etc. I know in today’s world we saw everyone worship money over everything but in the real world, money can not provide you the happiness that those above things can provide.

At last, I feel that if we use money as a tool for our needfuls that may buy happiness to you that is attached with the needfuls. But if you are using money to maintain your lavish or high-profile status that may also buy happiness but it won’t last long because that comes with mental sickness to maintain the bar and that obviously can’t keep you happy forever. I am not sure if all rich people are happy or not but all happy people definitely are rich

If you had to ask yourself if wealth can buy happiness, what would your answer be?

The One – I Love The Most (Poetry)

let’s read this poem that I wrote years ago, but it feels like I am writing it just now. I hope you will love it.


Hello Friends !!!

The holiday season is here and I hope you all are enjoying the season with your beloved friends and families. I wish you all a very very Happy New Year and pray for your good health and wealth.

After so long I opened my old drive where I found a few poetries that I had written back in time. I thought to share one of them and here is the chosen one I have posted down. Before you start reading let me tell you that I am not any good at poetry writing but have tried my best. 🙂 Please enjoy.

The One - I LOVE THE MOST She deserves nothing ordinary because she is so special She has endless beauty, she is more than an angel Her eyes filled with light, her face where moon stays Million words I know but nothing enough to praise I…

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