It’s OK not to be OK sometimes

Don’t be harsh on yourself. Don’t drop all of your hope you have been carrying so long. Don’t let your dreams die. It’s ok to not be ok sometimes. It’s ok to be in dark sometimes. It’s ok to let your tears come out. It’s ok to show the pain sometimes. This is life and it is all about the ups and downs. This might be the down side today but tomorrow it will bring the up again. Just wait for the dawn. The sun will light up your heart again. Just wait for the dark clouds to go. The rainbow is about to spread its colors on your soul. Just wait, don’t give up.

6 thoughts on “It’s OK not to be OK sometimes

  1. Thanks for this post, Tamanjeet Singh. I have read and enjoyed many, many posts about positivity and overcoming one’s failures and rising above depression and so-on and so-forth. I have read and enjoyed and agreed.
    Indeed, I cannot ignore the benefits of positive thinking since (as far as I know) this is my only life, my time to enjoy and learn and succeed where possible. But always there was a part of me, maybe a small part deep inside of me which still somehow appreciated the dark, traumatic, painful and testing times which I have endured.
    Not only for the beautiful, darkly poetic and wise writing and other art that it drew from me, but as part of the process, perhaps a time as necessary as the positive return. I cannot always leap back from despair to become a shining positive person which is described well by so many, on so many blogs. I think, and I think that you suggest in your post, that these dark times can be important for people too.
    Thanks mate, I have waited too long to read a post which accepts how I must feel that pain at times and dwell in
    what seems like appropriate darkness from it before I can again seek the light.
    I’m sure there is a longer, better expanation for what I am feeling right now, but I trust that you understand anyway.
    Cheers mate.


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    1. Hi Woody, I totally agree with you and loved that you shared your thoughts and your feelings. I believe we can’t value the dawn until we spend some time in the dark night.
      The down side of life is sometimes so important for people because it comes with so many lessons and they help to shape our life differently to a better position. however, we could not understand that while being in those dark nights but definitely understand the value someday when we see behind. I am saying this because I have experienced those dark nights and when I saw myself today I don’t think I would be this person without those pain and despair. as I have learned now so I can say it is OK to be in pain, in dark with tears but, also know that it is not that easy for the person who is suffering it.
      Being positive is a choice and so important to fight over the negativity around us. positive thought gives hope and hope gives strength.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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