A trip that changed my mindset about traveling!

My recent weekend trip to village Shangarh, located in the Sainj Valley in the beautiful Himachal, has changed my perspective on travel. The trip was filled with magical peaceful vibes and stunning views of mountains and green valleys. We spent 3 wonderful days in the lap of nature. But, this trip was a whole different experience for me that changed my mindset about traveling and exploring new places. This short trip was not just full of nature’s surprises but some great information too. I met a young YouTuber and travel vlogger Pamela Mukherjee on this trip and she shared some very valuable knowledge about all the places we visited. She shared some information about some rituals and beliefs of the people living there. Traveling with understanding the place and people and their values was a whole different experience than traveling just to relax and see the different places and their beauty. Adding up some context and knowledge about the places we visited, made this trip far more better than any of my previous trips. All thanks goes to Pamela Mukherjee. Sharing her youtube channel link below please do subscribe, full vlog of this trip will be out soon.


Traveling and exploring is not just about seeing the places but it is also about collecting information about those places.

Also, I am working on writing the whole travel story and things I learned about the places we have been to. Please stay with me, will post the story really soon.

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Shangarh Meadow