“Something you have is a dream of someone to have”

This is true and can’t be denied that whatever you have, whatever you get, or achieved, there is someone out there having a dream of all those, and they are praying, they are trying and fighting all day and night to have those not just because they need it but also they understand the value of all those things. The thing can be wealth, health, food, shelter, knowledge, family, friends, basic needs, or maybe luxuries for some and so other things. They actually know how it feels not having any of those just like you know how it feels not having a thing that you want to have. So, they understand the value and do work hard for those and pray sun and moon. But before you conclude anything here, I want to add that too that while they are dreaming and praying to have something that they don’t have, there are many other dreaming and praying for things that at least they have.

There is nothing wrong to dream for more and more but we should always be grateful too for everything that we have.

I am grateful for having good health, good job, family, and list of other thousand things and hoping you are too.

Comment down your dreams, your thoughts and let all know What are you grateful for.

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Happy Reading! 🙂

Tamanjeet Singh