The One – I Love The Most (Poetry)

Hello Friends !!!

The holiday season is here and I hope you all are enjoying the season with your beloved friends and families. I wish you all a very very Happy New Year and pray for your good health and wealth.

After so long I opened my old drive where I found a few poetries that I had written back in time. I thought to share one of them and here is the chosen one I have posted down. Before you start reading let me tell you that I am not any good at poetry writing but have tried my best. 🙂 Please enjoy.


She deserves nothing ordinary because she is so special
She has endless beauty, she is more than an angel
Her eyes filled with light, her face where moon stays
Million words I know but nothing enough to praise
I can never forget the smile she has
I can never forget the time we had
She is the world where I lost
She is the one I love the most

She is the friend, I need throughout life
She is the strength, I need to survive
Whenever I fell, She hold my hand
I look my back, found always she stand
She is my sun, she is my star
She is my shadow I walked with so far
At least, at last, I have reached my coast
I have found the one I love the most

She is my secret I hid from all
From her, from world, even me at all
I never imagined, not even in blur
But it apear so clear, I am in love with her
My first ever thought, my last ever dream
When she's not around, my heart goes scream
she's guest to my heart and I'm her host
She is the one I love the most

Thank you 🙂