My Sketch Work -2

Hey Everyone! hoping you all are doing well wherever you are. Today I want to share one more sketch work with all of you. It was my first sketch of an animal. It was so difficult for me to draw because I never drew fur before that, and when I started to draw this sketch it seemed like a messy drawing. Drawing fur is seriously no t that easy. I was about to throw that piece of paper in a dustbin, but then I thought I should give it a chance and do more work on this if it doesn’t go well no problem; at least it will be counted in my practice and I will take something out of my mistakes for sure. But I was not sure that, that attempt will come out as a beautiful result. ❤️

So, please take a look at this lively sketch of a Cat that I drew year and a half ago, and let me know if you like it.

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