The art of habit building

Habits are the building blocks of success. They form the foundation for our long-term goals and help us to stay focused on what matters. But forming good habits can be a difficult task, and it takes dedication and effort to keep them stick.

Today, we will discuss the art of habit building, how to build good habits that will last, and how to keep them stick. We will also explore some helpful tips that can help you create a successful habit-building strategy and become more productive in life.

Set Realistic Goals:

It’s important to set realistic goals for yourself so you can make steady progress without burning out or becoming overwhelmed. The beginning is always a tough job so make sure to start with one step at a time, and set your short-term goal that can be achieved easily. There’s no use trying to become the world champion overnight. As time passes, add more challenging targets and set goals that take you, even more, closer to your final destination. Keep things manageable and build up slowly over time until tackling bigger goals becomes second nature rather than an overwhelming source of pressure on yourself (we all know how much of that already exists!).

Be Flexible with Your Approach:

Not every habit starts the same way; sometimes it takes experimenting before we find what works best for us. If one approach doesn’t seem too promising after a while, think outside the box and try something new – maybe stand instead of sit when meditating. Maybe try different hours of the day. Maybe do exercise in the evening if morning is not working best for you. Just remember that patience is key to creating better routines; never give up after feeling stuck just once!

Develop New Perspectives & Strategies:

Habits require repetition – according to some research, it is said that it takes usually about 50-60 days until they finally stick. To help keep things interesting during those long days ahead, consider developing different perspectives toward your routines. Reflect regularly and ask questions like ‘How could I improve my current process?’ Or ‘What are some tips or advice online resources provide?’. This should help expand upon strategies used in your daily life, thus keeping even mundane activities fresh! Sometimes, joining forces with friends who have similar interests could add more enjoyment to creating good habits together and keep you motivated.

Surround Yourself With Supportive People:

Being around positive people increases chances of having meaningful connections which motivates us further down our respective paths, whether hobby-wise or career-related. By surrounding ourselves with supportive individuals who share similar aspirations, we often gain essential tools necessary for teaching any brand new behavior patterns required along an unfamiliar journey!

Reward Your Successes!:

Celebrate every win no matter how small they come. Every single step forward taken propels further effort/action required & reinstates hope emotions. Once enthusiasm begins reigning supreme, no challenge looks impossible not manner size nor difficulty level set by their appearance alone!! So celebrate your immensely fantastic feats accomplished whether it is a huge success or just a tiny minor advance…Yay(!)

Making sustainable habit changes isn’t always easy but thankfully it’s totally doable. Just make sure to start slow with one step at a time, and keep it continue for long enough until it becomes your lifestyle. In that long time from the beginning to finally make it your hobby that lasts, don’t forget to keep yourself motivated every day because if you break the routine you have to start from scratch.


What happens in life after checkmate?

Life is full of possibilities and anything can happen here. Like a game of chess where some things are under your control but others are not. Sometimes you move ahead as per your plan but sometimes the opponents force you to move in a different way. Sometimes you have many paths to go and sometimes you have no other way to go. Like checkmate.

But do you know what happens after the checkmate? end of the game? No, the beginning of a new game. You collect all the peace together and start it all over again, and this time you play smart by being strong with the lessons you just learned from the game.

5 Tips to Stay Positive When Life Gets Tough

When things start to get tough, it’s easy to start to dwell on the negative. But it’s important to remember that life can be unpredictable and there’s no guarantee that things will always go our way. So, rather than focusing on the negative, it’s important to stay positive. No matter how bad things seem, remember that there is always a chance for things to improve. Here are some tips to help you stay positive when life gets tough:


Recognize when your mood is affected by events outside of your control.

One of the most common things that impact our mood is the events that occur outside of our control. For example, if someone close to us dies, this can have a big impact on our mood. Other events that can have a big impact on our mood are things like being stuck in traffic, being pissed by someone, facing failure in some work, or unexpected workload. Regardless of the cause, it is important to recognize when our mood is affected by events that are out of our control. This will help us to better manage our emotions and stay in a positive frame of mind.

Talk to friends and family about your feelings and how you’re feeling.

Talk to friends and family about your feelings and experiences. Let them know what’s going on in your life, and be open about your feelings. Let them help you. Talk about your experiences with your friends and family. They can provide support and encouragement. Let them know if you need to talk about anything in more detail. It’s important to be able to talk about your feelings. It can help you to understand and cope with your experiences. It can be helpful to have people who understand you and who are willing to listen.

Keep a journal to document your thoughts and feelings.

Starting a journal can be a great way to improve your mental well-being, as well as to track your progress. Journaling can also be a cathartic experience, allowing you to express your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. The journal can also be a great way to document your progress and keep track of your accomplishments. Some people prefer to write in a personal notebook, while others prefer to write on a Computer/laptop. Start writing. Even if you don’t have anything specific to say right now you can simply write down your thoughts, feelings, accomplishments, or just how your day goes.

Exercise regularly to boost your mood and reduce stress.

Exercise regularly to boost your mood and reduce stress. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that can help improve mood and reduce anxiety and stress, not just that but it also helps you to stay fit physically and emotionally. Some physicians recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. This can include brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming, or playing team sports.

Be hopeful for the future and live in the present.

When we are hopeful for the future, we live in the present. Hopeful people are resilient and are able to see the good in situations. They stay focused on their goals and stay positive, even during difficult times. When we live in the present, we are more connected to our emotions and can calm ourselves in difficult situations. We also have more patience and can appreciate the small things in life.
The future is always uncertain, but by being hopeful we can allow ourselves to dream and plan for the future. We can live in the present and enjoy the journey, instead of worrying about the destination.

When times get tough, it can be easy to fall into a negative spiral. Sometimes it gets worse that getting out of that dark room feels impossible or really hard. If needed please seek professional help in such a case.
Staying positive is important. One thing that you can do is to remember that things will get better. Another thing that you can do is focus on the good things in your life. Believe in yourself. This can be difficult, but it can help you to approach life with a positive attitude and, as a result, feel happier and more in control.

you will be okay, you have no choice

The choice is all ours.

We all definitely have been through many bad days, bad moments, and bad memories but we also have passed many good days, good moments, and good memories, then why do we mostly keep thinking about all the bad things that happened in past and choose to be sad when we have the option to look for good things too. It is all up to us. The choice is all ours. So choose the way to happiness.

20 Positive Self-Affirmation

There’s real power in positive thinking. Similar to our body, our mind and soul also need healthy food every day and we all know that thoughts are the only food of the mind. Healthy thoughts give good health to your mind. So think of the below 20 positive self-affirmation as the menu of options and choose any of them every morning and say it loud to yourself. This will establish the tone for your whole day and get you rolling in a positive direction.

  1. I am happy.
  2. I am amazing.
  3. I am successful.
  4. I am strong.
  5. Today is a great day.
  6. I am beautiful.
  7. I can do anything.
  8. I am thankful for what I have.
  9. Kindness is free.
  10. I am enough.
  11. I am confident.
  12. I am the artist of my life.
  13. I have no hate for anyone.
  14. I accept that I am worthy of great things in life.
  15. I am surrounded by love.
  16. I choose to participate fully in my day.
  17. I forgive myself and others.
  18. I wake up motivated.
  19. Things are getting better.
  20. I believe in myself.

How to improve your life every day?

Hi all, I was sitting and thinking today that how much things have been improved in my life in few past years. There was a time when I used to hide from people, I was having no confidence at all to stand and talk to anyone. I was living more in my head than outside in the world. Not had many friends. Not much knowledge in anything, not even any interests. My world was very small and boring and sad too. But I am thankful and glad that I can see myself in a better place today and I am sure that tomorrow will be even more better because Improvement is a kind of a process that never ends, no matter how better you have become already there is always room available to enhance. In the few past years, I have learned new things, adopt some new good habits, and become more productive, lively, confident, and positive but still, I can see there is more I can do, and there are more changes I can bring to improve my life.

So here I am sharing today some of the ideas and practices that I think helped me to improve my life and can surely help anyone to improve his/her life too.

  • Learning

Learning is always been the very first step toward growth. You can’t grow unless you try something new. We start learning from day one when we are born. We learn to feel touch, feel hunger, feel pain then we learn to respond to our name, we learn to recognize faces, then walking, talking, education and this process of learning develops us, and it keeps going on until the last day we live. As I said in one of my recent posts that “learning is always believed to be a lifelong process and it has no age limit. If you have the will, if you are curious, then no matter what age you are you can learn anything and you can explore new avenues anytime” So never stop learning make yourself curious to learn new things it will always grow you up.

In a few past years, I have started to learn writing first when started this blog page, then I started to learn the Spanish language, then I learned things related to my profession, and now I am learning to swim and I know there are more things ahead I am eager to learn.

  • Habits

Habits have a big role in anyone’s life. They set a whole lifestyle and create a big difference in character depending on how you choose or make your habits. Having good habits leads you to a good lifestyle and keeping bad habits give you negative result always. So, it is important to give proper attention to what you do, how you live, what you eat, and how you treat others. Any habit that seems bad must be replaced with a good one. If you have a bad habit of sleeping late and it will put an impact on your health and you must change it. If you have a bad habit of eating junk you should think about it and push yourself toward healthy food. A few months back I do have this bad sleep habit, Movies and web series kept me awake till late at night like 2 or 3 am, and slowly I started to realize I was not getting enough sleep and felt tired and sleepy always then I push myself hard to fix my sleep cycle. I took one of my friend’s help who goes to the gym in the morning and asked him to wake me early morning and take me with him. At first, I missed every other day but it worked. Now I have realized that eating junk food is another bad habit that I need to fix. I will work on it.

If you think you don’t have any bad habits to work on you can always add up new good habits like exercising, meditating, reading books, and more listening and less talking. Yes, listening is also a very nice habit. Changing or making any habit takes time but the key is to be constant and make it routine it will change not immediately but one day definitely.

  • Positivity

If you are one of those who always think about only negative outcomes of any circumstances then you must know one thing that, negative thoughts always create a barrier if you want to make a way you must think positive. Positive thinking makes a positive lifestyle and a positive lifestyle always leads you toward great things. If negative thoughts are taking over you, try shifting your focus and collect all of the positive thoughts possible together and visualize them. Having a positive mind requires a positive environment too. Try staying around people who will lift you up and help you see the bright side always. I know staying positive in any situation especially when you are grieving or experiencing serious distress can seem impossible but, it is important to at least try and take the pressure off of yourself and find a little bright light.

I have faced that time personally when I was stuck in a negative mind. I always keep doubting myself and thinking about all that can go wrong. But when I realize this within myself, I start looking for the first clue which is “WHY?” once I found out why I always think undesirable I took some action. I cut off from a few people who seem not healthy being around, then I took help from some self-help books, then one of the most important things was Acceptance. I learned to accept the situation and everything that is not in my control.

Today I can say that I am a whole positive mind but that doesn’t mean I have nothing negative inside me. We cannot rid of negativity but we can keep practicing to stay positive on top of that. 

  • Gratitude

Express your gratitude for the people, moments, or things that bring a little piece of joy or some kind of comfort will defiantly help you to cut the stress and see the good side always. It also helps improve self-esteem. Take time at least once a day maybe before bed to think about all the good things that happened in the day and be grateful. Being thankful makes you a humble person and a better human being. By practicing this, you will see the change in yourself that will be taking you toward becoming a better person every day.

I am also practicing this to blend it into my natural habits. I have seen sometimes that when you express gratitude to someone or something when you be thankful for anything, you spread peace and kindness around you. You will be agreed with this quote that I often use “One Smile Creates Thousand More”.

  • Self-Love

Self-love is key to accepting yourself as you are. It is a state of the unconditional support, self-care, and compassion you give yourself that eventually results in good health, great self-esteem, happiness, total balance, and well-being. When you hold yourself in high esteem, you are more likely to choose things that nurture your well-being and serve you well. You should start caring for yourself, your health, your mind, your body, and your soul. Your happiness comes from within you. If your mind is upset you can’t be happy, and the same scenario with your body, health, and soul if any of this is not well you can’t feel well too. If you are living happily and you achieve peace of mind it will become easier to take your life in the right direction and make the right decisions.

As for practicing self-love I usually advise myself “care less but care more”. Care less about the society around. Care less of any small things that will not matter at all in the coming 5 years or maybe the next 5 days. But, Care more about yourself. Your mental peace, your health, your self-esteem, and your happiness are way more important than any of the dramas in life.

I am hoping these practices will help you in some way to improve your lifestyle and well-being.♥

Letting Go Of The Baggage Of The Past

You can not climb up to the top of the mountain by carrying heavy baggage with you. And, you can not walk miles on road by lifting weighty luggage on your shoulder. The weight on your shoulder will break you down eventually. This is true, Right? Then how can you be supposed to walk your life with that emotional or mental baggage of your past that you are carrying for a long? The baggage of guilt. The baggage of mistakes. The baggage of pain, heart brakes. The baggage of regrets, and so more. The burden of this baggage will bend you down and will stop you to move forward in your life and before it completely breaks you down you must load it off and let it all go. Leave every guilt, every regret, every pain, your past behind and move forward unloaded. The lessons from the event that happened in past are only supposed to be carried along, rest everything should be left behind.

The next question is HOW TO LET IT GO? Well, I am sure if you have ever been stuck with this baggage or if you are still in this situation you may someday at some moment have tried to let it all go but, no matter what you do to leave all this behind, the past keeps following you around and make everything more difficult with the time. So here are some tips for letting go of your baggage, once and for all. Hopefully, this advice will help you leave your past behind, and lead you to a healthier life.

Learn From Mistake

Saying this is easy than doing it, but learning from the past can help understand things better. Take some time to reflect on your past and see what wrong had happened and learn from your mistakes to make things better ahead. Once you know the reason it will make moving on much easier.

Let Yourself Feel Sad

Sometimes baggage sticks around because you never let yourself deal with it. In other words, you never let yourself get super angry, or ridiculously upset. If you haven’t done either yet, do yourself a favor and get emotional. Crying is cathartic, so let it all wash out.

Practice Acceptance And Forgiveness

Acceptance is the first step to letting go and setting yourself free. Accept your circumstances and remember that none of these define you. Set yourself free by accepting that whatever happened, it happened for some reason, and forgive yourself if you were the reason. If that happened by mistake then accept the mistake, if you did it on purpose then accept that too and it will make forgiveness easy and help past to let go.

Have A Positive Outlook

Having a positive outlook toward anything makes a whole big difference in things around you. This practice will help you overcome negative thoughts. Once you start to think positive and as you go through this whole process it will really help you see the positive outcomes of life and you will find leaving your baggage of the past behind becomes so easy for you.

Getting rid of that baggage could be harder for individuals depending on how much load they are carrying on, but it is possible and it can be done by practicing the above practices and self-care. It may take some time, some work, some insight, or sometimes even the help of a therapist if the problem has become worst but if you do it right you will start to feel better. This baggage is unnecessary and unhealthy so just let it go.

The more you let go, the more you feel free and light. The more you feel light, the more mile you walk and the higher you climb.

Let’s Be Hopeful

Let’s have hope that things are better ahead. That everything will be alright. Let’s have hope that there is a rainbow always above our heads. That the tough time is about to pass. Let’s have hope that we are strong to stand against any challenge in life and we can conquer the sea by ripping the waves. Let’s have hope that tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start and the pain that we are suffering with will be vaporized with the very first ray of the sun. Let’s have hope that we will achieve our dreams for sure. Let’s have hope and stick to it and carry it along with us every day because at last, it will be the only thing that will help us to see the light in the dark, that will help us to stay for a little more longer when we feel like giving up. Let’s have hope and be hopeful.

A little note to yourself

We get disappointed very easily if don’t see any single person standing by us, who believe in us. But you know what is the biggest disappointment? The biggest disappointment is when even we don’t stand by ourselves, when even we don’t believe in ourselves.
Don’t wait for others my friend, it is you who can make anything possible for yourself.
Start believing in yourself. You can do it.🙂👍🏻