Vacation for Free!!!

So I just went to Goa on my birthday week and spend 4 days and 3 nights stay at Grand Hyatt Goa and had so much adventure at a beach and a visit to a famous Doodhsagar waterfall, and enjoyed various water activities and had too much fun at theme parties all three nights with all food and drinks, music and performances. And the big thing is that all of this was just for free.🤩 Is there any other better way to celebrate your birthday!!!? How lucky I am !!!😍🧡 Free vacations are always a dream and when this dream comes true the level of your happiness has no limit, and for me, this free vacation was beyond my imagination so you can guess the level of my happiness and excitement.🕺🏿

So here is how this happened. My childhood friend Sameet Singh was awarded the highest award of his company for his best work, and their company held the award function at Grand Hyatt in Goa. All the winners were allowed to bring one guest with them and the whole trip expense of the winner and the guest was taken care of by the company only. The airfare, stay at a 5-star hotel, food, drinks, indoor parties, outdoor activities, everything was on them. So here I am, I went as a guest with my friend Sanmeet Singh to celebrate the winning that he truly deserves. So I think firstly I should say thanks to my friend for a free trip (LOL😜) and then congratulate him on winning the president club award for his dedication and hard work. He truly deserves it.

Big Congratulation to Sanmeet Singh

The company has provided all the winners and their guests a vacation of 4 days and 3 nights where they have organized beautiful events for all 3 nights that have a live singing show, a band show, and some folk dances from different cities and cultures of India, DJ night and of course an award ceremony and so much more. For the daytime, they have arranged some really fun outdoor activities that include a city tour and shopping, a heritage walk, a water sports adventure at the beach, a visit to the famous Doodhsagar waterfall, and more. They have arranged and organized everything so neatly and manageably that I don’t feel like anything missing or goes messy, and for that, I really appreciate the hard work of the whole management of this event.

We really enjoyed our time in Goa and absorbed the whole tropical vibes. We went for a Banana ride, a Jet ski ride, and some others and had a great time at the beach. We went to one of the biggest waterfalls and had fun in the water. Explored some shops in the market and bought some souvenirs. The parties in the evenings were so crazy. We sang along with the band and singers and danced so much. On our second last day of the trip, we met new friends Priyanka, Richa, and Varun and the fun multiplied manifold with them. They all were so fun-loving people, I wish we had met a little earlier. They really lift the fun.

Here are some great moments from this memorable vacation. For more fun moments please check my Instagram page here and watch this GOa highlight video here. I hope you will like it and enjoy them all.


7 thoughts on “Vacation for Free!!!

    1. Oh, that’s good to know you have been there! It was my first time in Goa and I too found it so beautiful, however, I didn’t get enough time to explore, especially the south Goa. I am sure I will get a chance to visit again and enjoy other parts of the city.

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