Exploring Places or Exploring myself..🤔?

I travel to explore new places but I had no idea that I was not only exploring places but also exploring myself. So recently I have got to know something about myself. I always say that I am a mountain person and I only love mountains to travel to but this was only true until I let myself explore different places like a forest Jim Corbett National Park and then Goa which is mainly famous for its beaches. Both places were totally different from each other. After experiencing these different places and exploring the beauty of these other forms of nature I realize that it’s not the mountains that I love, no I mean I definitely love mountains but on top of that what I love is nature. Yes, a natural beauty that no mankind ever can create. It is a beautiful mysterious mighty nature that I admire. It doesn’t matter if it is the tallest mountain or dense forest or wide beaches or endless ocean or anything else, as long as it is built with the grace and extreme love of pure nature, I am going to love it all wholeheartedly for sure. So now onward I am not going to say that I am a mountain person instead I am going to say that I am a Nature person.

Feeling so grateful to be able to experience all of this and hope to stay on a path to explore more. Cheers to life!!!


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