Sad faces wrapped up in luxury cars?

Does money really buy happiness? Do reach people are happy? Maybe yes or maybe no. It’s one of the most challenging questions to answer because it varies so much from person to person and depends on each individual’s perspective of what happiness means to them.

A lot of people may think that having a lot of money is all fun and games, but this isn’t true. With great wealth comes great responsibility, which leads to tons of pressure. For example, wealthy families with children might have to deal with high expectations or constant rumors about their personal lives. In addition, they have to be aware of how they are representing themselves in public because they are an important role model for other less fortunate individuals. In order to maintain their image, it’s common for these people to spend extravagantly on lavish items or expensive clothing so that everyone can see how much money they really have. The public would never know what goes on behind closed doors unless it is leaked by someone close who has access. More often than not, pressure takes its toll; eventually, people will find ways to release tension. Some take extreme measures such as buying extravagant cars, houses, jewelry, or drugs while others turn to self-harm or alcohol abuse. It’s important to remember that the life of a rich person is not always easy, especially when you consider all the weight on their shoulders at one time. Can richness buy happiness? No, it can’t. Money can help us feel good for a little bit but it doesn’t last forever. Money is just a tool that we can use to help us achieve our goals in life. Happiness can only come from within yourself and being content with your life as it is today. Sometimes we’re surrounded by lots of success and things we want, but we still feel empty inside. We can’t measure our worth based on materialistic things like money or possessions – we need to focus on what truly matters.

Everyone is curious about the cost of happiness. But what I think is that there are many other ways to make yourself happy without taking out a loan. Like volunteering, and helping other who is in need. Many things are more important in life than money. The family, Your beloved, Your health, your mental piece, etc. I know in today’s world we saw everyone worship money over everything but in the real world, money can not provide you the happiness that those above things can provide.

At last, I feel that if we use money as a tool for our needfuls that may buy happiness to you that is attached with the needfuls. But if you are using money to maintain your lavish or high-profile status that may also buy happiness but it won’t last long because that comes with mental sickness to maintain the bar and that obviously can’t keep you happy forever. I am not sure if all rich people are happy or not but all happy people definitely are rich

If you had to ask yourself if wealth can buy happiness, what would your answer be?


8 thoughts on “Sad faces wrapped up in luxury cars?

  1. Yeah I’ve met people who were doing very well at a young age – enough money saved to buy a home, new cars/bikes, great career, etc. and they were generally miserable. I think we all need a certain amount of money to feel comfortable and not be stressed out by bills, but beyond that, having a lot of money shows someone’s real character. Some people are still down to earth when they are rich in money then there are others who are rich in other things and very happy.

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  2. Happiness and the ability to be happy is separate from money. I’d rather be wealthy, for money provides opportunities for growth, health and healing, more than not having the money to afford those things. When we are poor financially, we need to find alternate ways to achieve those things. Not impossible, just harder. At this point of my life, being only a few years away from retirement age, I’d love to have to have the money to retire comfortably, to travel and to have wonderful experiences.

    Wealthy people can be just as miserable as a poor person, if they have unhealed traumas, but wealth does allow one to afford therapists to heal! If one has already healed from those traumas and has found happiness, then wealth simply allows one to live a life where they can afford to live healthily, and to be able to help others to achieve the same things!

    Wishing you and your readers a wonderful and magical New Year!

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  3. This is a thought-provoking post, Tamanjeet! I think it is difficult to be happy if you are too poor to house, clothe, feed, provide medical care, and educate your children. If you have enough to do that, you have enough money to be happy. Beyond that, I don’t believe money can necessarily make you happier. It depends on some factors beyond your control and it depends on what you do with the money you have.

    Lottery winners often blow their money within a few years. Some lose their expensive homes, become drug addicts, or end up in jail. Those who manage wealth wisely are able to do good things for others. Some establish foundations or build buildings at universities and hospitals.

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    1. Absolutely Cheryl. I think the true happiness attached to the money is depends on how you use the wealth. do you use for what you need or what you want? If money is able to fulfill your needs that will give you a true happiness for sure. and If you are using money on what you want that may makes you happy for a moment but it won’t last long.

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