I am not an emotionless

Every day is not a good day but it doesn’t mean every day is a bad day. When anyone asks me how I am doing, I always reply by saying “doing great “or “doing good” I never say “not doing good” or “not well” even to my close ones I never express my actual feelings. I think to myself that why should bother anyone? And another reason is that maybe because, sometimes I am not myself able to understand why I am feeling not well inside. Funny right? If I am not wrong, I guess it happens with everybody. But now I think should say what I am feeling in real, there is so no harm in telling someone how bad your day was/is.. right? Instead, maybe someone would be able to help you feel better. Who knows. But I should share my feelings too. After all, I am too a human being and I am not an emotionless.


15 thoughts on “I am not an emotionless

  1. Ah yes, the conundrum of our modern life. People politely ask each other how they are, and we say, “I’m fine.” Unless it’s something they can relate to or help us with, most people aren’t prepared for an honest answer.

    Years ago I didn’t know this, so I answered honestly. Wow. People started to avoid me because I seemed like a weak complainer. That wasn’t a good feeling, and I really didn’t get any help from them anyway! I think we need to pick and choose carefully who we confide in!

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  2. Thanks so much for this post, Tamanjeet.
    A long time ago the subject crossed my mind. ” Hello, how are you?”, a staple of meeting someone, often shortened to “How are you?”
    I don’t know at what point it became less of a question and more of a generic, banal greeting.
    In Australia it is more like, “G’day! ‘ow are ya?”
    As a change of scene … when I was lying in an unremarkable hospital bed in the late ninties, with various tubes and hoses sticking out of me following a tragic botormike accident … visitors who I may have known but certainly didn’t remember at the time (friends of the family and what-not) visited my still form and they would ask, “how are you?”. Now, at he time I remember several responses crosssed my mind. Such as, “fucking terrrible!” or maybe, “recently brain-damaged … yourself?” Over time it bothered me less and I have come to accept that I may answer or not, say “OK” or “Alright thanks” or whatever, but that it has just become part of the colloquial venacular.
    Thanks again.


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    1. Thank you for sharing your words. that must be a hard time you have came through. you said right now a days asking “how are you?” have become less of a question and more of a kind of gesture without any meaning. But this is what it is now. Cheers

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      1. Cheers to you Tamanjeet Singh. I was reminded of this post today when a person said to me, “God Bless You!”
        Now … I’m an Atheist and have had similar thoughts about this in the past, when I was a young, hot and a rather militant Atheist.
        “Our prayers and thoughts are with you” had the same unseemly effect on me. Who is blessing me? Your God? (whoever and whatever that is!).
        No … they were invoking their God (who or whatever that is) but they were actually communicating their own kind wishes.
        I think that a lot of the people who ask me how I am are just speaking a common greeting, but many are also passing on their kind wishes. I think that in asking, they are revealling their general feeling toward me. I think that they would much rather that I am feeling well and not be pleased if I am unwell.
        It has taken time to slowly move away from the exacting, skeptical and pesimistic nature of my youth.
        I think I still have a way to go but i’m definitely getting better !

        Thanks for reading,

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      2. Agreeing with you. People just speak from their own place. I always mention one thing when comes to belief and disbelief that “today’s belief can be tomorrow doubt and today’s doubts can turn to belief tomorrow”.
        What matter most is that you understand all of this and making your life better. It download matter what people mean when they ask about you or say god will make thing better. Nobody make things better if you don’t do stand for you.


  3. This is so true! I think you should, in some way or other, express how you feel because keeping emotions locked up is not good for you. You can just journal it down, and not even look at it later, but just get it out of your system. I had a yoga teacher that told me to think of the think that bothers me and then just do a powerful shake with both your arms and hands like getting rid of the thing out of your system. Sometimes it works, but you can’t do it too many times 😉

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    1. Thank you Helena, It is actually a good piece of advise that your Yoga instructor shared, but as you said it is not necessary that it will work all the times but key point is to pay attention to the things bothering you and feel to the fullest and throw them away. I am (now I can start using “was”) more like a head-talker, that is why I started to write these blogs to just let my thought come out.
      Thank you again for sharing your words. Cheers!


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