The choice is all ours.

We all definitely have been through many bad days, bad moments, and bad memories but we also have passed many good days, good moments, and good memories, then why do we mostly keep thinking about all the bad things that happened in past and choose to be sad when we have the option to look for good things too. It is all up to us. The choice is all ours. So choose the way to happiness.

7 thoughts on “The choice is all ours.

  1. Yes and no. I think we can choose to be happy but memories are a very different ballgame. It’s been to be honest with yourself than to lie to feel better about bad things that have happened to you.


    1. I am not saying to lie to yourself and ignore the bad feelings. It is not practical. Feeling pain, dropping tears in old memories is fine but staying with it for all the time is not good. And we can choose to over come this with some little efforts but at the end of the day it is all on us if we want to put those efforts to come out of that pain and grief or not.
      However what you said is also correct. ☺

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