A few minutes with my childhood

After I don’t know how many decades I lived a few minutes with my childhood today.

I used to watch stars for hours when I was a child. Whenever there was a power cut during the summer nights, I used to go to my terrace and lie on the folding bed and stare at the stars for a long time, and sometimes I fell asleep while watching them. Many times I would get to see shooting stars and on seeing them I used to make wishes. It was such an innocent time and undoubtedly the best too.

I am again on my terrace today watching the same stars but this time I rarely can see them. Only a few of them are twinkling today. The polluted air and the city lights made them fade and almost disappeared. It is hard to see those stars now but the feel is same as I am still a child and awaiting for the shooting star to make one more wish, a wish to go back in my childhood for just a day.

I wish I could take a picture of the sky but it was just a black image in the camera. But you’ve all been through this age and feelings so you can probably imagine what it looks and feels like.


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