A little note to yourself

We get disappointed very easily if don’t see any single person standing by us, who believe in us. But you know what is the biggest disappointment? The biggest disappointment is when even we don’t stand by ourselves, when even we don’t believe in ourselves.
Don’t wait for others my friend, it is you who can make anything possible for yourself.
Start believing in yourself. You can do it.🙂👍🏻


10 thoughts on “A little note to yourself

  1. The biggest disappointment for me, when I put my heart into something n life ruined it in seconds.

    But as u said when life gives u the spotlight, dance it out …!!!


    1. Yes it happens a lot with all of us but i see it quite differently. I don’t see it as disappointing but I appreciate the efforts that is put.
      Keep practicing and learning and you will shine for sure when the spotlight hits you. 😊


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