Tip for practicing self-care! #2022

Q.- Are there ways you maintain a work-life balance?
A.- The best way to maintain a balance between your work and personal life is to schedule things out. I have got the habit to update my calendar for my personal events and time off and the same way I block my calendar for my work. And since I have adapted that habit I can see this helping me balance my life pretty well.

Q.- How do you deal with stress or burnout?
A.- Well, with the whole lot of things going around us these days stress is common. Covid-19, losing Jobs, out of savings, and who have jobs they have stress with workloads. To deal with the stress I always choose to listen to good music old, retro classics, and jazz. They really soothe me. Walking and workout are other good options to choose from since I realize that I hardly move from my bed since the work from home has started. So by realizing that, I also started to take a few minutes’ breaks in every couple of hours. It really helps me out to calm down.

Q.- How do you stay positive in your life?
A.- I try to see, to find a good in every possible situation. Being grateful towards everything I have, I am surrounded with, I am capable of, has helped me a lot to find a reason that everything that happens around me or in my life must have some good purpose. And, also I try to be around people who are like-minded. And one more thing I recently acknowledged that, paying compliments to others, praising the beauty of people, nature, or anything you see gives you such great feelings of being happy from inside.

I hope you all are doing great in your life. Let me know if you find any of the shared tips helpful, I will be glad to know.

Also, let me know if you have something to ask I will be glad to answer. And also, tell me in the comment section that, how do you practice self-care?

Take care and have a happy 2022!!!

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