“When life gives you the spotlight, Dance it out”

A chance, a situation, or a perfect moment for we all keep looking to do something we want to do, to grab something we like to catch, to showcase something we are excited to exhibit. Yes, the Opportunity is what I am talking about today. Sometimes we work to create opportunities for our self and sometimes we wait for the opportunity to knock on our door. In both cases, we must be prepared and ready to catch the chance when it comes. Only waiting and working from them doesn’t help in grabbing the opportunity. I have seen many people including myself, that they keep looking for a perfect opportunity through their life to put their step into something they want to, but when the time comes in real, they get hesitant and doubleminded about taking the step. So many times I personally felt like I was not fully prepared to enter a new room when the door opens in front of me. I wanted this opportunity to show up but I didn’t prepare myself well enough to move forward confidently. My head got full of thoughts and all negative. So many doubts took place around me and made me feel a bit scared. I often lose my chances just in thinking and processing all that thoughts. And, what I understand now is that it only happens when we wanted to do something or to be something perfect. We don’t want to get fail. We don’t want to look stupid in the audience. So when the spotlight highlights us on the stage of life our throat starts to get dry and hands start to shake, and our legs start to take steps back to get hide behind the curtains. We keep missing opportunities in all these doubts and thoughts starting with “What if”. What if I fail. What if I couldn’t make it. What if people laugh at me.

After losing so many opportunities in times and then letting myself sit along with the feelings of regret when time flew, I now have learned to jump into every possible opening without thinking twice. It is better to feel fail than feel regret. I use the famous phrase “Now or never” every time I get a new opportunity in front of me to experience.  And you know what, even a few things don’t work out as what I have planned or thought, I still get a settlement with myself that I at least have tried. At least I got to know what had happened. I don’t let myself be trapped in a box of imagination that what would happen if I had that chance? No more feelings of regret.

I say now that, when life gives you the spotlight, dance it out. Don’t let the opportunity go. Always be prepared, always be ready to show your best move when you get your chance.


6 thoughts on ““When life gives you the spotlight, Dance it out”

  1. Sage advice, my friend.
    I am also guilty, having wasted many amazing opportunities (all of which I was completely worthy of) and let them slip past like the tide returning into the fathomless seas.

    Your fan,

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    1. Thank you my friend for sharing your heart. We all do this, but the thing is we do know now, You do know now that what you have missed and why. And it is not less than of any achievement in itself. That mean you know now what you have to do the next time you will be in the spotlight.
      All the best mate 🙂

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  2. I think you are a strong person if you can enable yourself to fully experience the moments you want to. I believe most of us live with regrets of wasted opportunities. I liked this post best when you spoke using “I” rather than “we”. I would love if you had included two examples, first of a time you felt regret and the second when you overcame your fear and “danced” and were glad you did. I liked this post theme and I think most audiences can relate.

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    1. Thank you so much David for such good words, it means a lot to me.
      I have lost many opportunities in my past related to career, self development, new learnings, choosing good habits, etc. but now when I understood how those things held me back in the world moving forward, I now trying to get better not wasting time any more.
      Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts on this I always keep looking for one to stay motivated for writing more and more, and this is one of those. 😊

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