If You Ever Feel Your Sky Gray, Read This.

Hello family! I hope you all are doing great and living happy, if somehow today is not a good day, this post might help you to find your way to your smile.

I know somedays sun doesn’t rise bright and warm instead it hides behind clouds and it feels like a little gray. We don’t feel like getting up from bed and getting dressed. We don’t feel like going out or talking to anyone. We keep finding a corner to stay unaccompanied, trapped in our minds. I know that all because I feel the same somedays. And surprisingly sometimes I don’t know the reason at all behind all those lousy feelings. I know it happens with you too.

A bad day only stays as long as you let it be. So what do I do when I feel my sky gray?

The first thing I do is to remind myself that “it is just a bad day, not a bad life” It helps me to diverse my thoughts and make me realize that everything will be fine.

The second thing I do is push myself to get up from bed. Believe me, it feels hard at that time but if you make you do it, you are halfway there.

The next thing I do is that I grab any of my hobbies. If you like listening to music, play some happy song or the song that makes you dance. Just don’t play any melancholy song or song that matches your vibe in that phase. If you like to paint try some painting, play with colors. Hobby keeps you busy and it helps you to change your mental state.

If you don’t feel connecting with your hobby or if you don’t have one then the other best thing is to go out for a walk. And while walking pay attention to every single thing you see on your path. A street light lamp, A Tree, Flowers, Dogs, Traffic, Buildings, Talking People, Playing Kids, etc. Anything. And try to praise them or give any compliment. No, you don’t need to say it loud, just say it in your head. This always works for me. When you praise or give compliments to others, you always find beauty in them and it makes you feel good seeing a beautiful thing around you. It automatically brings a smile to your face.

The next thing I do is try to talk to someone beloved. It always helps when you talk and share about what you are feeling. It unloads the baggage from your shoulder and makes you feel light and relaxed. If you don’t want to talk about your feeling, don’t worry, just simply talk about anything it works in the same way.

AAh… I already feel good now. 😊

So if you ever feel your sky gray just try these things I am sure you will find your blue sky back.

Remind yourself: It is just a bad day, not a bad life.

Push yourself to get up and move your body.

pick your hobby and make yourself busy in it.

Go out for a walk and give compliments to the world.

Talk to your beloved, share your load. It will always soothe you.

Remember there is always a sun behind those dark clouds and it will shine your day as soon as the cloud fades.

I hope this will help at least someone to deal with those bad days or lousy moods. I will feel glad if this helps.

Please add your thoughts in the comment so I can get more ideas to practice in such phases and also to get others now when they are in need.

Thank you for reading, Stay happy always.


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