Marry Ann-“Ugliest woman in the world”

She is Marry Ann Bevan who was known as the “ugliest woman in the world” but when you know her life you’ll call her the “most beautiful person in the world.”

Marry Ann was born in London, in 1874, she had an ordinary life as a young girl. She married a man named Thomas Bevan, and had four children. After some years of marriage, Marry Ann was hit with a rare disease named Acromegaly due to which she had abnormal growth and facial distortion. After the death of her husband, she was left with no breadwinner in the house, accumulating debts and the financial needs of her 4 children. She decided to enter the humiliating contest titled “ugliest woman in the world” in the hope of winning the prize money which could help her family and she did win. Later she was hired by a circus, which was a “freak show”. She toured different cities where people came to laugh and humiliate her and would call her ugly names. She endured the ridicule of others to raise her children and give them a better quality of life. Marry Ann kept working until she died in 1933.

Many of you might see this as just an ordinary story but for me, it is really inspiring. It takes a lot of courage to stand in the spotlight facing people ready to humiliate you for your look, for your dress, call you with ugly names and all on your face. If our eyes could see souls instead of bodies, Mary Ann would have been the most beautiful woman in the world. Isn’t it?

I would lo to hear your thoughts if any you want to share.


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