Take a break for while

Hey There!!! It’s being a long time since I posted anything new. My job kept me too busy that I couldn’t make my mind to write anything. But the job is the job you can not say no to work unless you are a prince of some kingdom and you have enough money to shower it overhead (Imagining if I would), but I am not so, I have to do work. But, I am happy with my work because this is the best of my interest and I am enjoying doing my job. however, sometimes it makes me exhausted and makes me think “just left everything behind and go out on a long vacation” in simple words “take a break for while”. Sadly, I can’t take it for another month. 😦

I am feeling now that taking a break from your daily routine is really important. Just a few breaths in the open fresh air. Blank mind for a while. No questions, No answers, No worries, No planning, No single thought. I think every one of you feels the same sometimes. We all need a break sometimes and we should take it. This weekend I did the same. I pressed a pause button of my life and spend some me-time with nothing in mind about tomorrow.

Some prefer to go to sleep when they feel exhausted. Some others prefer to go outside for a walk. Or, some just simply go to talk to their loved ones. My personal relaxing keys are: listening to 80s 90s Classic and Jazz Music, Walking in Garden/Park, Dancing in personal space (the best), and Long bike ride with no destination. I really spend this last weekend same. Feeling so relaxed and fresh today.

If you feel something is wrong, something is jumbled. if you feel tired for no reason or exhausted from work just take a short break and do nothing for a moment. Let your soul rest a bit. let your mind calm a little and then do what you love to do, what makes you happy and relax. I am sure you will feel everything new the next day.

So, How are you doing today?

Share your thoughts, how do you deal with such a situation where you feel exhausted and frustrated with your daily routine or any work?