Smile and continue your astonishing journey

This is just an another speed-breaker, you still have thousands of mile to walk. Slow down a bit if you want, tighten up your shoe laces, take a deep breath. Now smile and continue your astonishing journey.

I was trying to write about motivating overcome of life’s problem, which is nothing but just another speed-breaker on the road we traveling on (As what I think). Every time I start writing I couldn’t write anything extra than the above two lines. I know a giant book can be written on this topic but, anything extra than the above line feels like an over-said to me. These two lines are saying everything that groups of thousand words can do. So, sharing this post with just these two lines that I could write.

Tamanjeet Singh

6 thoughts on “Smile and continue your astonishing journey

    1. That’s so true, and it is a story of almost everyone I guess. we all want to become rich and famous Me too, but sometimes I feel like chasing money and fame is not what is important, the important part is living happily where ever I am and sharing a little piece of happiness with the people around me, that’s what gives me relief.


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