Money, Time, and Energy

Money, Time, Energy

money, Time, and Energy- It is very rare that you find all of the three together at once. Different stage of life has different needs, responsibilities, and life issues and we have to maintain our focus accordingly. Let discuss a bit about each stage of life.

Young Age

The first stage of life – Young Age. When our priorities and need are simple and well settled. We are focused on learning things at this age. We have schools to go to, friends to play with, and family who take care of us. We have all the time to do so many things and all the energy to never stop doing fun but, we are depending on our parents for money and other needful resources for living. This age has an only need to gain knowledge and become strong so when we enter the next stage of life we have much information to stand on its responsibilities.

Adult Age

Adult age or Mid age of life is where we take a charge of our own life. We start working to earn and achieve our goals and dreams. In the finding of money, we get too busy that we don’t find much time for our personal lives and families. We get more focused on securing our future and completing our responsibilities towards our family and society. At this age, we get all the energy to work hard and more to earn all money so we can add more assets in our life that we think can make our life living easy and convenient, but we can’t find time to enjoy those conveniences.

Old Age

The age when we have all the time in the world and all the money that we have earned day and night but now, we lack the energy that we had once. We always feel tired and pains in the body never are less. We got money and time but, we have no energy left to do anything much with them now.

However, everyone’s life is not the same and things happen differently for everyone but if you see with the average perspective of life you will find it similar to the above picture.

How do you see these different stages of life? What are you focused on; Saving money, time, or energy?

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Tamanjeet Singh

What A Good Day!

What a good day today! I am so happy that I am back to my early morning routine going to the park for running and exercising. It feels so good, after a long time of spending time at home due to lockdown now things are changing in good shape. Hoping the days of fear of this virus infection pass soon.

500 total likes

The other good news is that I have achieved 500 total likes on my site today. WooHoo!!! 🤩 Yesterday I was talking to Tammy Wynette (5thgenerationgirl) on her achievement of 500 all-time views. She has posted how she started blogging after encouraging by her grandson, even when she has no good relations with the world of technology. I was sharing with her that how it feels so amazing and encouraging seeing those achievements number in a notification and today morning I got the same thing.

However, these numbers don’t define that how good or bad my posts and writing are, but yet they encourage me to keep walking on this path. So, I would like to say a big Thank You from my deep heart that you all have shown interest in my posts and always encourage me to write more and more. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I promise I will keep doing my part as best I can do. My motive is only to share what I have or what I know. since I started reading books I understand that we don’t have to go through every phase of life to experience or learn from it, by sharing our experiences and knowledge we can always help each other to learn more.

Thank you everyone once again. Stay connected and keep showing your interest. I will try my best to provide you good readings. Stay safe.

Tamanjeet Singh

Smile and continue your astonishing journey

This is just an another speed-breaker, you still have thousands of mile to walk. Slow down a bit if you want, tighten up your shoe laces, take a deep breath. Now smile and continue your astonishing journey.

I was trying to write about motivating overcome of life’s problem, which is nothing but just another speed-breaker on the road we traveling on (As what I think). Every time I start writing I couldn’t write anything extra than the above two lines. I know a giant book can be written on this topic but, anything extra than the above line feels like an over-said to me. These two lines are saying everything that groups of thousand words can do. So, sharing this post with just these two lines that I could write.

Tamanjeet Singh