Life is not easy, never it was, and never it will

Life is not easy, never it was, and never it will because if life becomes easy it will be hard to live with that.

Life is challenging at every step, painful at every turn. All the challenges, pains, rock bottoms, and breakdowns are part of life and reason to feel alive. It’s true that they bring sorrow and tears but also true that they bring strength to make us strong and active so the next time when we hit rock bottom we won’t take time to stand back.

Life is full of surprises and surprises bring excitements. Those turns and twisted moments of life keep us excited about life. It makes us want to live more and more every single day, every single moment. Just Imagine, if every day would be the same as all days what would happen? It will feel like no life in it. Isn’t it? There would be same routine, same weather, same people, same everything. We would lose our interest in living life very soon. Just like we lose interest in our favorite song or movie after listening or watching back to back in the loop for a couple of days. We would probably don’t want to live the coming next day, because we would know it will be the same as it is today, as it was yesterday, and the same as all other days we have lived until now. Change is surely required in life and every change brings its own challenge to deal with.

I know we hate those challenges in life, we all hate the hard days, we all hate taking pains on the chest, on the heart. I know we all want life to be a little easy or maybe more easy and yes, no doubt I want that too and sometimes we get that also but it will not remain the same. Because you know Life is not easy, never it was, and never it will and I don’t know you will like it or not but I think never it should.

I thankful for all the wonderful and happy days and in the same way I am thankful for all those hard days, pains, heartbroken, challenges kicking on the ass because they are what makes me feel that I am still not dead and they are what makes me “Me”.

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