The First Step – towards anything you want to achieve

People keep asking each other or sometimes to themselves about how I can become a writer or how I can become a photographer, a musician, or anything else they want to become. They keep saying I want to be this or that, I want to do this or that but, how? They don’t know the answer. So, I think the answer to all those questions will be right saying just take the first step.

Yes, just take the first step to enter into that world you want to win. You will start to get to know how that thing works. Taking the first is the biggest step and called for a lot of courage and guts. Without putting your step in that world you might never know how everything is in there and without that information, you can’t simply win.

If you want to be a writer just start writing. If you want to be a singer just start singing. If you want to be a photographer just start pressing the shutter button. “But don’t start operating people if you want to be a doctor.” 😉 Well, you know what I mean anyway. No matter how bad you wrote. No matter how tuneless you sang. No matter how blurry photo you captured. This is just your first step. Don’t expect to be perfect. We all fall many times before we start to walk, and that’s how we learn. We always learn from the mistakes. If you could find what is wrong in your writing, singing, photo, or whatever you are trying, you can improvise it and make it better on the next attempt, and then you will be ready to take the second step LEARNING.

I took my first step in the writing world and I never thought that even I can write anything. Before taking the step it felt impossible to me like it was never my cup of tea. It needed a lot of courage because we always care what people will say. We always think negatively more, what if we failed? We always think, how people will judge. But I moved my step ahead and now when I started to know this world and the value of writing, it seems all different than I thought. It made things easier for me to learn and keep moving. The journey from crawling to running doesn’t happen in a single day and I know it.

I am sure you must have took your first step ever for something or might be thinking now to take it. I would love to hear your thought on this.

Share your story or any word of wisdom that might help encouraging me or other readers in any way or might help to get some motivation and hope.

Tamanjeet Singh

2 thoughts on “The First Step – towards anything you want to achieve

  1. Reblogged this on Time Traveler on the road of Life and commented:
    I took my first step writing many years ago in HS. We were assigned 5 handwritten pages of anything per week. I chose to write stories, with a continued next week just to tantalize the teacher. I now have 14 books on Amazon. Not all are Best Sellers, but they are there. And I will keep writing. My English grammar is not the best so I purchased Grammarly and it is my friend.

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