Lesson From Puzzle

Okay just take a moment to think. What if I give you one different piece of the puzzle and ask you to place it somewhere in your puzzle set? It will not fit anywhere, right? or even if it gets fit it will not complete the picture, it will look like only a mistake because that piece doesn’t belong to this puzzle. That piece will not get its value there, but when it will get placed in the right puzzle set it will gain its value back and completes the puzzle.

Similarly, you get your value when you are at the right place where you belong, not where people demand you to be.

Find your place.

Let’s Get ready to Fly

With every book you read, you reach one step higher in the sky where you find your world bigger than ever before.

I am not a regular reader but I started reading books recently and felt the changes it brings to me. I now agree with the quote “Books are our best Friend”. Not only because they are accessible anywhere anytime you need but they are the best teacher too. They understand you as no human can do. 

I felt like, books are the entrance of another world that is totally different from the world we are living in. It is a world hidden in the words, and you can paint it in the picture as you want. No buddy stops you here or holds your thoughts to touch the sky.

When there is nowhere to go I believe you can still travel the world and explore its beauty by just sitting on your couch and holding a cup of coffee. The more you read the more you travel. Once you are connected to this world, you can talk to the people, you can feel the atmosphere and even you can paint the pictures in your head as I said as you want. The best part is, everything will be exactly as your expectation.

I also found this is the only world where you can imagine anything out of the real world and make them alive to live in your stories. The Unicorns. The Fairies. All exists in this world. You can see fishes flying in the sky and birds swimming underwater. This is the world where magic is real and the beauty of this world is, that sometimes you lose yourself in this world and sometimes you find yourself there too.

If you dive deep inside the ocean of the words, you will fly higher in the sky of knowledge.

Let’s get ready to fly!